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Must Read Career Blogs for the Young Job Seeker

Finding the right job opportunity is hard enough but it’s only half the battle. When you finally get that chance how do you make sure you don’t lose it? The below blogs offer more advice than any young job seeker would ever need. They will inspire you, lead you and help you grow in life and in your career. If you’re searching for a job or simply looking to grow where you are take some time to follow and read these great sites.

Grad Meets World

Amanda Abella runs Grad Meets World where she will break down the best of the personal development world – from landing that dream job to getting out of debt – into simple, actionable steps that nourish mind, body and soul.

Life After College

Jenny Blake is an author, career and micro-business coach, and traveling yoga teacher. She provides thought-leadership for entrepreneurs, Generation Y and beyond through her uplifting blog Life After College. Her passion is in helping people ditch the rigidity of yesterday’s career ladder, instead treating their careers (and lives) as dynamic as the constantly customizable apps on a smart phone.




Raj Kumar

Raj Kumar
Jul 22, 2014 1:15 PM
Yash Chopra have accounted for a large number of Amitabh's famous hits. Of these only Yash Chopra went on to make hits beyond the 1980s.
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